Customer Review: Paul Williams

Paul has a full-time job and a family. He runs a website in the pets niche as a side hustle.

Paul’s Results

Who are you?

"My name is Paul Williams, and along with my full-time job, I also run a blog in the pets niche as a side hustle."

Would you recommend We Write Blog Posts?

"I would absolutely recommend We Write Blog Posts.

In fact, I do recommend them to anybody within the Project 24 community who is asking about writing services. They are easily my number one pick."

What were the challenges you had before you found We Write Blog Posts?

"The biggest thing for me was time and not having enough of it! Working a full-time job, having a family, and then putting in the time to crank out quality blog posts was tough.

I committed to doing ten posts but quickly realized that it wasn’t sustainable. I knew that if this side hustle was going to work out, I needed another solution."

How does We Write Blog Posts compare to other content services?

"After using We Write Blog Posts, there was another highly recommended writing service within the Project 24 community that I thought I should try out.

There was really no comparison. With the competing service, I still had to go in and do all of the editing myself. I quickly realized that nothing could compare to the quality I was getting from We Write Blog Posts.

The quality they provide is second to none. It's the best, and that is why I will continue to use them."

Did you have any doubts about using We Write Blog Posts?

"My previous experience with hiring writers led me to feel that it wasn't worth the money. I had to edit and spend almost as much time sprucing things up as it would take me to do it myself.

I was afraid it would be the same type of thing with We Write Blog Posts, but I'd heard a lot of good things and I figured it was worth giving them a shot."

How did We Write Blog Posts help you?

"Of the thirty or so posts on my site right now, We Write Blog Posts have written eleven of them, and my top six posts all came from them.

The posts from We Write Blog Posts even outperform the original ten that I wrote myself and put my best effort into. It's my site, my baby, and their posts outperform anything I have been able to do.

All the fears I had about outsourcing to somebody else have been eliminated."

How have your traffic metrics improved since outsourcing with We Write Blog Posts?

"With these blog posts, what we're targeting is at least 1,000 page views per month. Some of the oldest ones from We Write Blog Posts have already surpassed that.

I have two more posts with views that are up 25% to 30% monthly and are getting closer and closer to that 1,000 pageview mark. I can say that they are performing exactly how they are meant to."

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