We Write Blog Posts Terms of Service

Last Updated: February 10, 2023

This page includes all of our policies regarding free revisions and rewrites, order cancellation, requests we’re unable to accommodate, our stock photo service, and other important information about your content order. 

Free Rewrites and Revisions Policy

Hey! This is Steve, the owner of We Write Blog Posts.  

Before I get into the rewrites and revisions policy, I want to preface it by saying that we’re only implementing this policy to prevent a small number of people from taking advantage of us and our very lenient stance on revising and rewriting your articles. 

These policies apply to a select few edge cases we’ve encountered over the years. Most rewrite and revision requests will still be approved as normal. 

If you’re not happy with the writing quality of a particular article, or your article clearly misses the mark as far as search intent goes, we’ll take care of it.

Deadline for Requesting Changes

All revisions or rewrites must be requested within 30 days of us submitting the article to your submissions sheet.

Adding Additional Information to Articles We’ve Submitted

If you request a revision to add supplementary content to an article that you did not originally request we write about, we are not obligated to add that information. 

Note: This rule applies to additional information that does not fall under the core search intent of the article. If you request a revision on an article because it’s missing a key element of search intent, we will still provide a free revision. 

We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether the information you’re asking us to add is something that falls under necessary search intent, or if it’s auxiliary information that we could not have reasonably been expected to include without you telling us about it when placing the order. 

Please know that we are more than happy to follow any content briefs or guidelines you give us when you place your order. 

However, if you decide after we submit your content that we should have included or focused on some additional topic that we could not have known about beforehand, then we are not obligated to provide a free revision to add that content. 

Therefore, if you want specific aspects of a topic covered, please make a content brief for each article that explains what you want the post to cover. 

Product Recommendations

By default, we recommend products from Amazon.com to help you boost your affiliate commissions. On rare occasions where no viable products can be found on Amazon, we may recommend products from a non-Amazon website. 

If you want us to recommend products from a different Amazon website (such as Amazon.co.uk), recommend products from a non-Amazon website, or not recommend any products at all, please mention that in your order guidelines. 

If you do not mention that you want us to recommend products from a website other than Amazon.com, we are not obligated to revise the article to recommend products from a different website. 

If you want specific products recommended in your articles, you must mention those products in your order details. For any article where we recommend products, our writers will use their best judgment to find the right products to recommend. 

If you do not tell us to recommend certain products, we are not obligated to revise the article to include different products if you decide you don’t like the products we chose. 

Replacement Articles

If you request a rewrite on an article, we will only rewrite that article. We cannot write a replacement article as a stand-in for the original article. 

This includes changes to the article title that would alter the search intent or overall structure of the article. 

Vague or Undescriptive Article Titles

If you only provide vague or undescriptive keywords for us to write about – for example, you ask us to write an article titled “best cars” without any additional context – we will interpret the search intent based on the current articles ranking for that search phrase and additional research performed during the article writing process. 

If you decide after the fact that the article should have taken a different approach to the topic, we reserve the right to refuse a rewrite or revision on a case-by-case basis. 

To reiterate, you must be specific in telling us what to write about. We are very good at determining search intent for titles that are sufficiently descriptive, but we are not mind readers. If you want an article to take a certain approach, you need to tell us that. 

Updates to Order Guidelines

If you update your content guidelines in the middle of an order, we will notify our team of the changes as quickly as possible. 

However, if any articles have already been written but haven’t yet been submitted, we are not obligated to update those articles to match your new guidelines.

If you give us certain guidelines, and we follow them, but you decide after we submit your articles that you don’t like your guidelines, we are not obligated to revise your articles to match any new guidelines you provide. 

You must also relay the changes to your guidelines to us via email, and we must confirm receipt of your request. If you update your order brief without telling us, or merely make a comment on a submissions sheet or Google Doc mentioning the change, we are not obligated to implement those changes.

Duplicate Titles

If you send us duplicate article titles and we end up writing multiple versions of the same article, we will not write a replacement article or provide a refund. 

Please double check your order information to make sure you’re not sending us duplicate titles. 

By default, we write for U.S. audiences. This means we follow conventional American spelling and grammar rules. 

If you want us to revise your articles to include non-U.S. spelling or grammar rules, and you did not tell us about this in your order details, we are not obligated to revise your articles to make those changes. 

Order Cancellation Policy

It’s rare, but sometimes we figure out in the middle of an order that we aren’t the best fit for every person’s content needs. (It’s happened about 10 times in over 1,500 orders). 

Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel any order at any time.

If we cancel an in-progress content order, we will give a full refund for all unwritten content, and a 50% refund for any content we’ve submitted that the client requested a substantial revision or rewrite on prior to our canceling the order. 

If any revision or rewrite requests fall under any of the exemptions listed in the Rewrites and Revisions section of our Content Policy, we are not obligated to provide refunds for those articles. 

We do not offer refunds for any hit lists you may have purchased along with your content order. 

Order cancellation frees us from our obligation to revise or rewrite any articles, including any articles that the client previously requested we revise or rewrite. 

If you decide to cancel your order, these same guidelines apply to that situation as well. 

AI Content Policy

We Write Blog Posts is committed to ensuring you receive 100% human-written content.

As of February 13th, 2023, we will be running all articles through the AI detection process outlined in this blog post: How (And Why) We’re Protecting You From AI Content

If we detect or suspect AI-generated content during this phase, we’ll send the article for a complete rewrite from a different writer so that we’re confident the content you receive is human-written. Any writer suspected of using AI to create content will be immediately removed from our team.

Please note that we’ve found AI detection tools that claim to detect AI usage are notoriously inaccurate, and high scores do not always indicate an AI-generated article.

Therefore, articles that score high on an AI detector will not be eligible for an automatic rewrite based on the score alone. We will analyze articles of concern internally and make these decisions in-house depending on our findings.

What We Can’t Accommodate

We do everything we can to make your content exactly how you want it. However, there are certain guidelines that we cannot accommodate. 

Readability Scores

We cannot edit content to meet readability scores or reading levels on the Hemingway app or similar readability checkers. 

We also cannot guarantee that every article will meet a certain Grammarly score. We edit our content extremely thoroughly to remove all valid Grammarly errors, but sometimes Grammarly suggests a change that would actually lower the quality of the article. In the end, we trust our writers’ and editors’ judgment over the Grammarly score, and your content will reflect that. 


We cannot always accommodate tight deadlines. 

While we aim to submit content as quickly as possible, the fluctuating availability of individual members of our writing team means that we cannot always pull strings or prioritize your articles. This is especially true if a particular writer has experience in your niche, and we decide to assign your articles to them to ensure a quality result. 

If you need content by a certain date, make sure to order well in advance of that date. 

Frequent Guideline Updates

If you want to make updates to your order guidelines in the middle of your order, that’s totally okay. 

However, you must make a reasonable number of requests. If we feel you are making more requests than our team can keep up with – for example, changing your mind about your guidelines every other day – we are not obligated to continue updating your guidelines and we may cancel your order. 

Unreasonable Content Guidelines 

If you request that we follow any guidelines that we feel are unreasonable, we reserve the right to refuse to follow those guidelines. We would tell you this upfront, and you would have the option to withdraw your request or cancel your order. 

Variable Word Counts

We need a fixed word count for each article you order. 

We can’t accommodate word count ranges, requests to “write as much as you need to,” or the ordering of a set number of words and asking writers to chip away at that word count as needed. This gets far too complicated administratively, and it’s not something we can offer. 

Excessive Subheading Requests

If you request that we include a lot of subheadings in an article, we may not be able to fit all of those subheadings into the requested word count. 

If this happens, you will be able to either accept that we aren’t able to include every single subheading, or you will have the ability to order additional words so we can attempt to fit the remaining subheadings. 

Stock Photo Service Terms of Use

We have a unique licensing agreement with stock photo agency 123rf.com that allows us to post premium stock images directly onto your website.

If you choose to utilize our stock image posting service, you will only be able to use those stock images on your website. Our licensing agreement with 123rf.com does not permit use of your stock photos anywhere except the website we upload them to. If you want to use the images for another purpose, you’ll need to negotiate a separate license with 123rf.com.

This license does cover site sales. If you sell your website to someone else, the image usage rights automatically transfer to the buyer of your website. They will only be able to use the images on that specific website, and will not be able to use them for any other purpose.

We must also upload your stock images directly to your website. We cannot transfer the image files to you for you to upload onto your website.

By remitting payment for our stock image service, you agree to these requirements. If you fail to comply with these requirements, We Write Blog Posts LLC is not responsible for any legal liabilities you may incur.

Just don’t take them off of your website, and you’ll be good to go.

Additional Requests + Information

There are a few things we’d like to mention that don’t fall into the other categories. 

  • • If you’d like to request a revision or rewrite, please send us an email at contact@wewriteblogposts.com. Don’t leave a comment on the Submissions Sheet or on the Google Doc, as we don’t monitor comments made in those places. 
  • • When requesting a rewrite or revision, please provide as much detail as possible as to why you want changes made. Actionable advice that explains the issue you’re seeing with the content makes it much easier for us to 
  • • All articles will go to your submissions sheet when they’re complete. We cannot accommodate directly emailing you every time an article is submitted. You can receive notifications when we submit articles, though. There are step-by-step instructions on your submissions sheet that explain how to enable email notifications. 
  • • We cannot carry over guidelines from a previous order to the next order. Therefore, we ask that you send us your full set of guidelines each time you place a new order – even if you’ve already sent us those guidelines in a previous order. 
  • • By default, we recommend products from Amazon.com to help you boost your affiliate commissions. If you want us to recommend products from a different Amazon website (such as Amazon.co.uk), recommend products from a non-Amazon website, or not recommend any products at all, please mention that in your order guidelines. 
  • • If you’re pre-paying for an order to get a bulk discount and sending your titles over in batches, please send us an email at contact@wewriteblogposts.com each time you update your order sheet with a new batch of content. We don’t have the capacity to check your order sheets regularly for additional batches. 
  • • If you want us to add screenshots for a technical tutorial, we can only provide them if the writer has access to the program in question. Adding screenshots will cost $2 per image.
  • • If any articles seem to be missing at the end of your order, please send us an email. Our project management system has tens of thousands of articles in it, and it’s not impossible for one of your articles to get temporarily misplaced.
  • • If you request that we assign your work to a certain writer, your turnaround time will depend on that writer’s availability. 
  • • By remitting payment for your order, you agree to abide by the policies laid out in this document.