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Your one-stop-shop for engaging, evergreen SEO content that search engines love.

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We are a team of professional SEO writers who specialize in creating high-quality blog content for websites. Our team is located remotely and service clients globally across a wide variety of different niches.

Our mission is to help as many blog owners as possible grow their blogs into full-time passive income streams at an affordable cost.

We make this vision come to life through 3 key philosophies:

Write high-quality content (and let Google do the rest).

Our key focus above all else is to write well-researched, engaging SEO content. We believe that as long as you have content that genuinely helps readers, your blog will dominate search engines and get the traffic it deserves.

Hire the
best of
the best.

Your blog is your baby. You have a reputation to maintain and an audience hungry for quality content. So we choose and train our writers carefully, with just 0.1% of applicants making it to our top-tier content creation team.

Keep a steady finger on the pulse of best-practice SEO.

We pay close attention to every Google algorithm update. We then incorporate each change and updated guideline into our staff training and onboarding materials, so your content always follows best-practice SEO guidelines.


Hi - I’m Steve Rajeckas, founder of We Write Blog Posts.

Before creating my content service, I freelanced full-time writing SEO content for clients, while building up my own passive income blogs as a side hustle.

I have years of in-the-trenches experience creating rock-solid quality content that checks all of the important SEO boxes.

But more importantly, I also get how nerve-wracking it can feel handing over the reins of your blog’s content creation to another writer.

I also run the website FutureGuidebook.com, where I teach people how to use AI tools like ChatGPT to be more efficient and productive.

So, here are a few reasons why you can trust my team to create your blog content:

I’ve been creating blog content professionally for over 6 years now. In that time I’ve personally written/edited over 1,000 blog posts.

I hold a degree in English and Professional Writing. During my studies, I was able to hone my research-intensive writing skills which laid much of the foundation for creating engaging, authoritative blog content.

Every member of our team completes an intensive writing training course during their onboarding. We also constantly check each writer’s content quality to ensure it remains at a high level.

We Write Blog Posts now has more than 200 trained writers and editors who have collectively produced over 35,000 articles for blog owners.

Get started today for as little as 5.5 cents per word.