Customer Review: Navdeep Singh

Navdeep is an analytics professional who runs two blogs in the finance and technology niches as a side hustle.

Navdeep’s Results Using We Write Blog Posts

Who are you?

My name is Navdeep Singh, and I'm a product management and analytics professional.

I work for an e-commerce company here in the US, and I have been working on two different blogs as a side hustle.

Would you recommend We Write Blog Posts?

I would highly recommend We Write Blog Posts to anyone who has any content outsourcing needs. There was little to no editing that I had to do myself.

Using We Write Blog Posts has saved me a lot of time, and I have a lot of confidence in their team based on the quality of the content I have received and the timeliness of the delivery.

What were the challenges you had before you found We Write Blog Posts?

Before I found We Write Blog Posts, I tried many different services for outsourcing content for my websites.

Even though I was outsourcing a lot of content, I still had to go in and spend a lot of time editing the content. Just editing the posts I was ordering from the other services took me close to 45 minutes.

How does We Write Blog Posts compare to other services?

Some of the services I tried have been on the pricier side when compared to We Write Blog Posts.

The quality of the content and the speed at which the content gets delivered via We Write Blog Posts is outstanding and separates them from the competition.

A majority of the articles I needed were on the technical side. Without specific knowledge of the niche that I am in, it would be relatively challenging for a writer to produce content on those topics.

Of all the content services that I tried, We Write Blog Posts was able to nail down my content needs.

Did you have any doubts about using We Write Blog Posts?

Before We Write Blog Posts, I tried other highly recommended services. The quality was good, but I still needed to spend hours editing the content before publishing it on a website.

When I first gave We Write Blog Posts a shot, I was kind of concerned. I was worried that I would have to go through that same cycle again. To my surprise, the majority of the articles I have received needed little to no work.

How would you rate We Write Blog Posts’ customer service?

The customer service has been incredible. They are always very transparent about when to start expecting the content to be delivered.

When I need to order a revision of a particular article, they are very responsive. I have no trouble working with We Write Blog Posts from a customer service standpoint.

What was your "eureka moment" in understanding the value of outsourcing with We Write Blog Posts?

Before I placed my first order with We Write Blog Posts, I had published 20 to 30 articles across my blogs.

Since I started outsourcing with We Write Blog Posts, I have been able to post about 150 articles in just four months.

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