How To Make $130,000+ on Your Blog Without Writing a Single Word (Here’s the Math…)

I recently discovered something quite incredible. 

You probably already know that creating a niche website can be quite profitable… 

But until I ran the numbers, I didn’t know just how profitable it could be. 

I did a little math… and it turns out that with the right system and team, you can earn anywhere from 4.1x to 12.5x your investment when outsourcing your blog content. 

That means you could earn upwards of $130,000+ net profit on an outsourced blog once you sell it. 

(This is true. I discovered this information last week as I was doing market research.)

I’m going to walk you through exactly how you can make this six-figure windfall appear in your life (with relatively little effort). 

In a recent Income School video [$0 to $4,000 per month in 1 year with a Blog in 2022 – How we’d do it], Ricky Kesler gave us the following pieces of information:

  • • The average Project 24 website earns $32.82 per 1,000 pageviews
  • • Therefore, the average website needs 121,877 pageviews to reach $4,000 per month. 


  • • The average Project 24 article brings in 715 pageviews per month. 
  • • Therefore, you need 170 articles to reach $4,000 per month. 

Also, in another recent Income School video [How Much You’d Earn From Selling Your Blog], Jim Harmer shares some more vital information:

  • • A well-established website can sell for 40x its monthly revenue. 
  • • Therefore, a website earning $4,000 per month can sell for $160,000. 

Now, the one thing Ricky didn’t mention is how many words it would take to reach a full-time income. 

He mentioned the average number of posts, but not the average number of words in each of those posts. And that’s a necessary metric when considering your outsourcing cost. 

Well, if you’re a Project 24 member, you know that Income School recommends two types of posts: 1,000-word response posts and 2,000-word staple posts. 

The right mix of post lengths largely depends on your niche and your search analysis, but I think estimating the average website would need an even 50/50 mix of response and staple posts is a fair assumption. 

This gives us another piece of useful information:

  • • Your average post length should be ~1,500 words.
  • • Therefore, it should take ~255,000 words to reach that magical 170-post mark. 

Now, while those numbers from Jim and Ricky are based on hard evidence, some say those traffic and revenue projections from Income School are somewhat optimistic. (Go read the comments under Ricky’s YouTube video.) 

I personally agree that those numbers sound a bit too good to be true for everyone. 

What if your niche has lower than average earnings— maybe $20 EPMV or less? 

Or what if you’re in a competitive niche and need to go for longer-tail search phrases that bring in less traffic? 

We need to account for these things to get a truly accurate view of your potential ROI. Not everyone has an above-average niche. 

So, let’s say you need triple the posts that Income School says to create a website worth $160,000. 

  • • Instead of 170 posts, you need 510 posts to build a website that can sell for $160,000.
  • • Therefore, with an even mix of response and staple posts, you would need 765,000 words to build a website worth $4,000 per month. 

And remember, these can’t be just any words. I could publish 10,000,000 words of low-quality crap and not make a penny. 

These words need to be carefully selected to craft fluff-free, original, authoritative content written and optimized to meet Project 24 standards. 

So, the ultimate question is… 

If you need 255,000 to 765,000 of these high-quality words to build a website worth $160,000… 

How much does that cost? 

Well, if you get those words from We Write Blog Posts at our discounted bulk rate of 5 cents per word… 

  • • 255,000 words will cost $12,750. (12.5x return on investment)
  • • 765,000 words will cost $38,250. (4.1x return on investment)

Therefore, using the proven content creation system We Write Blog Posts has built on top of the Project 24 method, you can build a website that sells for $160,000 for a fraction of that amount. 

Even with an extremely conservative estimate of traffic and earnings, you’re still looking at a 4.1x ROI once you sell your website. 

(And that’s not even counting all of the ad and affiliate money you’d earn before selling the site.)

I can’t think of any other investment model that can consistently provide an ROI of that magnitude in such a short amount of time. 

Now, I need to throw out a disclaimer — this is the same disclaimer Income School uses: 

Many businesses fail, and there is no guarantee of success. Success requires hard work, skill, and significant time.

I want to be clear — this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. There’s still work involved – just a lot less work than you’d otherwise have to do if you were writing all of the posts yourself. 

Even when outsourcing with a proven service, there are many other variables that can affect your success: the level of EAT required to succeed in your niche, the amount of public interest in your niche, and the level of competition in your industry are all factors that you need to account for. 

However, if you have a niche that has a decent amount of public interest and isn’t completely saturated with stiff competition, I’m extremely confident that your site is more than capable of reaching $4,000 per month. 

Get started today for as little as 5.5 cents per word.