Customer Review: Phillip Shephard

Phillip is a professional video editor who runs a website that teaches adults and kids how to shoot and edit their own videos.

Phillip’s Results Using We Write Blog Posts

Who are you?

"My name is Phillip Shepard, and I own and manage a blog called Videoprentice. My blog teaches kids and adults how to shoot and edit videos."

Would you recommend We Write Blog Posts?

"I highly recommend using We Write Blog Posts. To be frank, there's a ton of writing services out there, and We Write Blog Post’s goal isn't to be the cheapest.

I am OK with that, because usually when you find cheap content, it often isn’t very good. I would highly recommend We Write Blog Posts because they produce great quality content for technical stuff.

If you feel like you're an industry that just cannot be blogged about unless you do the blogging, I would just eliminate that thought from your mind.

Just shoot them an email and ask if they can do it. I'm sure the answer will be yes. I think We Write Blog Posts does a great job finding technical information and then writing a great blog post or article based on that.

Where they shine is producing great quality content at a very reasonable price."

What were the challenges you had before you found We Write Blog Posts?

"I think the written word is my weakest skill set, even though it's much needed for ranking on Google. People still like the written word, and they often want to read the written word instead of watching a Youtube video.

My biggest struggle was actually writing out the content. Some of my stuff is very technical, and it was hard for me to stay focused because it is challenging for me to write at a good level for an extended period of time."

How does We Write Blog Posts compare to other services?

"Previously I mainly worked with sites like Fiverr and similar blogging services. With these sites, you are essentially hiring individual writers, and the quality does vary on an individual level.

I think the best thing that We Write Blog Posts does is curate their writers. They curate and hire the writers and do that work for you. So you're not working with the individual writers.

This is honestly a huge relief because you work with either Steve or his assistants, and they're highly professional, and they get back to you quickly."

Did you have any doubts about using We Write Blog Posts?

"My biggest concern was the technical side of what I was writing. Some non-technical things can be written about pretty quickly, whereas the stuff I'm working on, it's very technical.

While I did give them a lot of hints about what I was looking for, they were able to find all of the remaining information right away and create a great blog post."

What was your "eureka moment" in understanding the value of outsourcing with We Write Blog Posts?

"When the first blog post came back, we were not sure what to expect. When they came back, I was floored because they can write better than me, which is to be expected. After all, I'm not a writer.

Then secondly, it was actually a captivating article! Sometimes in the blogging sphere, you can produce articles that are just words.

Crafting a message that's engaging and that you want to continue reading is a whole different skill set, and their writers do possess that skill.

The next key moment was when the articles started ranking on Google. There is a waiting period between when you post an article and when it starts ranking.

I think it took about three to four months before a couple of articles started doing very well."

How did We Write Blog Posts help you?

I have nothing to report yet because the articles are still relatively fresh. Many of the posts are still ranking, but they are getting higher and higher on the first page.

I'm not running ads on the website currently, which is one of the first steps to making revenue from a blog. But I do have an info product that I want to drive traffic to.

Right now, a lot of traffic is being driven to that video course for kids that I have, and I have seen the positive effects of that traffic. I have not seen any impact on the ad revenue side because I'm not running ads yet.

I imagine that six months from now, it will be a lot different than what it is currently. So I am super excited!

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