Customer Review: Matt Gavin

Matt is a newcomer to the niche site industry. He runs a website about alternative commuting methods.

Matt’s Results Using We Write Blog Posts

Who are you?

"My name is Matthew, and I am the owner of truecommuter.com, an online blog about alternative commuting methods."

Would you recommend We Write Blog Posts?

"I absolutely would recommend We Write Blog Posts, and I have already recommended them to several people!

I think the key reason is that they're so easy to deal with, the speed they can turn your content around in, and the quality.

They've got knowledge of how to write blog posts for many different niches. I would recommend them because the quality that came back was outstanding. I've got no complaints."

What were the challenges you had before you found We Write Blog Posts?

"I started in the online world of blogging quite recently. I had no real idea about what it took to produce quality content consistently. It's pretty demanding!

I have a day job as well, so before I started outsourcing, I felt like the business was not growing as fast as it could. I wasn't getting the content out quickly as a one-man band type thing.

It was difficult balancing content creation with family life, a day job, and the other aspects of maintaining an online business. I wouldn't say it was a struggle, but it was not going as fast as I wanted it to.

I was quite ambitious in terms of growing the website and growing the business, so that was the main trigger for me in looking to outsource that content."

What was your "eureka moment" in understanding the value of outsourcing with We Write Blog Posts?

"The speed of the turnaround is impressive. They can complete 10 or 20 blog posts in a few weeks. That cuts the production time, based on my writing speed, by about 75%.

On my first order, it was a couple of weeks from paying to receiving the content. I can get that content onto my website and start to get it featured in Google very quickly."

Did you have any doubts about using We Write Blog Posts?

"When I sent the payment for the first order, I was nervous about what quality I would get back.

My main question was if they would understand the niche and the subject area I was writing for. I was also concerned that they wouldn’t put the love, time, and effort into the content.

When I got the content back, I had to stylize it a little bit to make it my own, but generally, the quality was excellent.

It was almost copied and pasted straight into my website, and that content was available on my site almost instantly on delivery."

How did We Write Blog Posts help you find success with your website?

"With We Write Blog Posts, you get a little bit of extra value in terms of their knowledge of Google Analytics and how Google works. You can quickly start to appear on search engines with their content.

I've only been in the blogging game for 12 months, so my website is relatively new, but the traffic is growing steadily week after week.

As those blog posts that I posted 12 months ago start to appear on Google, I've seen a steady increase in where the blog ranks in Google."

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