Customer Review: Harris Lim

Harris is the owner of an internet publishing business and has multiple niche sites in his portfolio.

Harris’s Results Using We Write Blog Posts

Who are you?

"My name is Harris Lim, and I run an internet publishing business."

Would you recommend We Write Blog Posts?

"I would definitely recommend them. As We Write Blog Posts grows, I think they will continue to deliver a high-quality service to other bloggers and content publishing companies."

What were the challenges you had before you found We Write Blog Posts?

"It's hard to find good writers who can follow the Project 24 formula. Even if we help them learn it, it's still hard for them to consistently follow this system.

Some of them are good writers, but there are other problems, like their speed of delivery. Then, of course, spending the time to manage the writers has also been a challenge.

To get everything together, get the articles delivered, and then sending them back if the writers aren’t following guidelines are the main challenges that we encountered before using We Write Blog Posts."

What was your "eureka moment" in understanding the value of outsourcing with We Write Blog Posts?

"For my content, I am most interested in the proper research and that the article itself is written in the right way so that it ranks. That is my base expectation.

I have realized that I don’t need to worry about the writing aspect now that we are using We Write Blog Posts, so I am only doing the frontend research to pass onto them. We feel very confident that it's a good match.

Over time we have seen a lot of our articles getting around 5000 clicks a month. If you're able to get several articles that are delivering that, then you have a goldmine."

How did We Write Blog Posts help you find success with your websites?

"The most significant impact is the time savings that I'm getting. As a business owner, the best way to grow is to delegate and not micromanage.

With We Write Blog Posts, the majority of the articles that are delivered are of high quality. Now I don't have to worry a lot about that side of things. I just need to build a system for posting them efficiently.

We can now merge all these functions together to create an engine that will keep on growing and keep on running."

Have you seen improvements in your website traffic since you began using We Write Blog Posts?

"Going beyond 100,000 page views for a website that is about a year old is a testament to how well these articles are written and how well Google is responding to them.

To get from 10k to about 100k page views a month took us about six months or so. If we were to do it again, I think this working with We Write Blog Posts is the strategy I would use."

How would you rate the customer service from We Write Blog Posts?

"We Write Blog Posts has been very responsive. They will respond within 24 hours, sometimes immediately.

Because of that, we feel confident that they will take care of us. On top of that, they're always willing to tweak their process so that our specific content needs are satisfied."

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